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10 years ago, FiberLine Communications saw a need for real-time telecommunications pricing and availability. The outdated method of working with Telecom providers individually and waiting days, even weeks, for each to respond with T1, Ethernet, or Voice pricing was too cumbersome. We employed experienced, web-savvy technicians to develop our patented, real-time pricing tool called “GeoQuote”. GeoQuote allows us and our customers to see at a glance the availability and pricing from each of our many providers for any specific location. Our patented GeoQuote pricing tool has revolutionized the telecommunications industry by forcing all of our providers to offer their best solutions at the most competitive prices, and in real-time. The FiberLine team will research additional savings that are not available to the public via our GeoQuote pricing tool. FiberLine Communications has been successful in helping our customers obtain the best communication solution for their specific needs, at the best possible price!

FiberLine Communications works with our clients to build lasting relationships that allow them to focus on their core business, while we focus on their telecommunication needs. Our team provides free, unbiased information from over 40 of the top telecom providers in the U.S. and across the globe. We assist our clients in all phases of the extensive research necessary as they decide which telecom option to select. Our team of telecommunication professionals includes: Networking and Product Consultants, Sales Engineers, Technical Engineers, Negotiation Specialists, Quoting Specialists and Contract Specialists. Our team offers free advice and support before, during and after the service installation. Whether our clients need a single T1, Bonded T1, DS3, OC Circuits, Colocation, Managed Services, Cloud Services, MPLS, Business Ethernet, Integrated (Voice and Data), PRI or Long Distance, or any form of networking between multiple locations, our team of professionals is ready to help. Our resources are available to our customers for free and with no obligation.

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